Howard Albertsen

It is with great sadness that we announce that our dear brother Howard Albertsen passed away in September 2019. Howard was the house manager at Our Brother's Home for two years and one of the worship leaders at Step Closer in this past season. We're thankful that Howard is now safely in the arms of Jesus, but prayers are appreciated for Howard's family as well as all of us in the recovery ministry. Howard was deeply loved, and many of us are overwhelmed with a sense of loss.

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Board of Directors

Andy Burnham

Andy is a pastor and elder at PBC, where he has been involved in the recovery ministry since it began in 2002. Andy provides oversight of the ministry today and helps with ongoing counseling and teaching. He also enjoys ministering to addicts and alcoholics on the golf course.

President and Chairman of the Board

Paul Wagner

Paul is an accountant with expertise in land development. He has been involved in men's retreats, bible studies and recovery ministry including alcohol and drug recovery and sexual integrity. Paul and his wife Thea have been attending PBC since 1998.


Corine Klingbeil

Corine is a scientist who after a career in biotechnology became involved in the recovery ministry. She joined the Board to support the positive impact she had witnessed of men living together in discipleship. Corine has ministered at Youth Services Juvenile Hall and currently at the Elmwood Jail. She is passionate about ministry through prayer. Corine and her husband Jim have attended PBC since 1996.


Vickie Boone

Board Member

Ed Jarvis

Board Member

Bruce Maez

Bruce served as the House Manager for OBH during its first three years of operation, volunteering his free time to minister to the house residents. Bruce's compassion towards recovering addicts and alcoholics comes from his own years of recovery. He is now on the recovery ministry staff at PBC where he attends with wife Lucy, and regularly hosts the Friday evening and Sunday morning services. Read Bruce's whole story!

Board Member

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Ojvind Berg

I felt like I was lost in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights with nowhere to go! Nobody to talk to, no love, no shower, and feeling hopeless! I came to Our Brother's Home and God began to fill my life with joy and love. Through the men in the house and the people of Peninsula Bible Church, God has started to turn my life in the right direction.


Fred Ernest

It was a God sent that Rick S. referred me to Our Brother's home. I wanted to continue to seek God (Jesus). My journey started at City Team (1 year) and God saw to it that the next step would be Our Brother's Home. I'm taking full advantage of this opportunity that God provided, and as such, happy to attend the required meeting, plus attend two Bible studies, and a 12 step meeting based on the Bible. Along with that, I attend 7 AA meetings a week. Note: Prior to City team I wanted Jesus but really did not believe.


Nathan Guess

I had become used to a lifestyle of living in the streets, which left my creative interests languishing in a mire of desperation! This in turn borne a hopeless reaction and emotional turmoil, only relieved with alcohol. While living at Our Brother's Home, I am hoping that God will help me to live a more structured and focused life, learning to rely on Him for everything. I hope to start achieving my short and long term goals and pursue my dreams and ambitions.                                                                          


Bob Jacobsen

Bob joined Our Brother's Home in summer 2019.  


Robert Janowitz

I came to live at Our Brother's Home to be around like-minded people who want to grow in their recovery and learn to rely on God. I feel that I have a better chance at success, surrounded by people who love God and want to help me develop a deeper relationship with Him.


Allen Stewart

After relapsing I was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Jesus Christ used prison to prepare me to come to OBH for healing and restoration. Years of rejection has destroyed every desire to walk in self-will. I came to OBH seeking the perfect will of God. I need healing and restoration. God sent me to receive acceptance and love. I have found just that at OBH. Now I thank every one at PBC for the chance to please God again by doing his perfect will. May God protect all who come to PBC and keep them from the world because they have kept me from the world and its cruel ways. Lord please guard all our Hearts with your peace, love, and joy. Let me show my gratitude for OBH in every way that pleases you. Amen.


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