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Joey Alexander

House Manager

I came to Our Brothers Home with about a year of sobriety and wanted to be around like- minded people, to strengthen my recovery and relationship with the Lord. Through the sharing of life together with the men in the house and the support of the PBC recovery ministry, God has grown my faith by leaps and bounds. I now have 3 years of continued sobriety and God has developed me for the role as the new OBH house manager. I am dedicated to helping the men in the house to live a clean and sober life, expand their growth in their faith in Christ, and live independent lives.

Blue Background

Board of Directors


Bruce Maez

Board Chair

Director, Recovery Ministry

Peninsula Bible Church


Vickie Boone

Board Member


Andy Burnham

Board Member

Retired Pastor,

Peninsula Bible Church


Ed Jarvis

Board Member


Paul Wagner

Board Member

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Tom Shramm

Board Member


Corine Klingbeil

Board Member



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Nathan G


I came to OBH seeking to find a way to make positive changes in my life. This home has provided a way for me to let God make those changes in my life, through my relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Bob J


Six men living under the same roof! That is the miracle of Our Brothers Home. Serving my brothers and sisters is something OBH has taught me to do in my everyday life. When I walk out the front door of OBH, I cannot help but tell everyone I encounter what this Christian home has done for me. There is life here and I need to bring that life everywhere I go! OBH has armed and matured me in many ways. I am not afraid to share this with the world.

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Bob L


I had 8 years of clean time before relapsing in February 2021. Drug use quickly eroded my marriage, family relationships, and hindered my ability to seek and trust the Holy Spirit. It was not long after, that I was homeless and living on the streets. Unable to stop this destructive pattern, the Lord, led me to OBH and has blessed me with an environment where Christian Men hold each other accountable. A safe place where the Holy Spirit is visibly alive and dwelling amongst the men in the house and within the R&R ministry.

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Ron V


Ron joined OBH in April 2021


Fred E 

Former Resident

It was a God send that Rick S. referred me to Our Brother's home. I wanted to continue to seek God (Jesus). My journey started at City Team (1 year) and God saw to it that the next step would be Our Brother's Home. I'm taking full advantage of this opportunity that God provided, and as such, happy to attend the required meeting, plus attend two Bible studies, and a 12 step meeting based on the Bible. Along with that, I attend 7 AA meetings a week. Note: Prior to City team I wanted Jesus but really did not believe.


Allen S

Former Resident

After relapsing I was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Jesus Christ used prison to prepare me to come to OBH for healing and restoration. Years of rejection had destroyed every desire to walk in self-will. I came to OBH seeking the perfect will of God. I needed healing and restoration. God sent me to receive acceptance and love. I have found just that at OBH. Now I thank every one at PBC for the chance to please God again by doing his perfect will. May God protect all who come to PBC and keep them from the world because they have kept me from the world and its cruel ways. Lord please guard all our Hearts with your peace, love, and joy. Let me show my gratitude for OBH in every way that pleases you. Amen.

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