I have lived in OBH for 1 year. I have been surrounded by pastors, mentors, teachers, brothers, and a great variety of house guests. A great first-hand experience of believers in service for God. I am learning the value of how others utilize their spiritual gifts.

I have been encouraged to build relationships and to be transparent. Growth is not fast, but steady. Praying together is very new for me and it is getting easier to do. I feel less vulnerable as time passes. To be in the middle of church, bible study, R&R, AA, and OBH is a beautiful thing. I am building a firm foundation and have a bright outlook on life. I am faithful with my tithe and have been blessed with a great new career. I love to teach about the spiritual principles and share my story.

Lately my willingness has been high being asked by Greg [the house manager] to write something about OBH. I consider this an honor. I am grateful for the opportunity to live at OBH and recommend this for anyone who is ready for a life change.

Jeff C.