Our Brother’s Home

Home For Christian Men

Our Brother’s Home, opened September 2009, provides safe, assisted housing for up to two years for those who have been struggling with various addictions, homelessness and a host of related challenges. Our Brother’s Home is located in Mountain View in a four bedroom house. Eight men can be accommodated in Our Brother’s Home. The residents are part of a local church. Many of them are U.S. military veterans who have completed programs at the V.A. Hospital in Menlo Park.

  • Our Brother’s Home Purposes:
  • To provide Christ-centered housing for those in recovery from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions;
  • To help people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • To foster a community in which long-term recovery is successful;
  • To provide practical living skills, enabling residents to become self-supporting members of society.

Our Brother’s home is a tax exempt, non profit organization. We exist through the generous support of private donors. We continue to ask for your ongoing prayers and financial support.